Blood Spells

A Standalone Novel
Young Adult Urban Fantasy
Coming April 2020

When the truth is all you have,
would you die for it?

Two months after finding her stepmother’s corpse in the bathroom, sixteen-year-old Maddy is still unconvinced it was suicide.

Blood-magic users like her stepmother respect their blood. They do not slit their wrists in the bathtub.

Despite magic being illegal for minors, Maddy starts her investigation with a few familiar spells—finding lost objects, summoning dead people.

Soon, she draws the attention of a man with an unexplained connection to her stepmother—a man with magic so big and so lethal that it shouldn’t exist. But who’s going to believe a grief-stricken kid when she claims impossible magic killed her stepmother?

Both of Maddy’s birth parents are dead, so the truth is all she has left. She will sacrifice anything for it—her friends, her freedom, and even her own life.

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