Girl of Flesh and Metal

A Standalone Novel
Young Adult Science Fiction
Coming June 2020

When they turn you into the thing you hate most,
what do you become?

When Lena lost her arm in a car accident, her parents replaced it with a cybernetic one.

Now, her friends call her a freak, and they’re right.

The arm’s artificial intelligence takes Lena’s thoughts to the extreme. It acts when she doesn’t tell it to, even when she’s asleep.

Ever since she got the new limb, she’s been sleepwalking and waking in odd places. To Lena, this is just another example of how CyberCorp—her parents’ company and the manufacturer of the arm—screws up everything.

As the rollout of CyberCorp’s new android approaches, a murderer targets children of the company’s employees. Members of the anti-technology community are the most likely suspects.

But thanks to her sleepwalking, Lena doesn’t know what she was doing during the murders. So when the evidence points to her, Lena decides to prove her innocence—or her guilt.

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