Girl of Flesh and Metal

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Series: Flesh and Metal, Book 1
Status: Published April 2020

Marissa Meyer’s Cinder meets Netflix’s Black Mirror in a high-tech future where a teen gets the cybernetic arm she never wanted.

Lena hates her parents’ tech company. The world worships each cutting-edge CyberCorp release, but Lena has her doubts. Machines that think for themselves? She doesn’t trust them… So when a car accident lands her with the company’s first cybernetic arm, she’s pissed.

Is control of her own life too much to ask? Yes, apparently, because now the arm’s artificial intelligence makes her sleepwalk. Then children of CyberCorp employees start dying in their beds, and thanks to her unwanted nighttime strolls, Lena has no alibi.

Is she the killer, or does someone else hate her parents’ inventions more than she does?

Read the thrilling first book in the Flesh and Metal YA science fiction series. If you like fast-paced sci-fi with dramatic twists, then you’ll love this cutting-edge page-turner.

Available now: eBook and Paperback

Girl of Flesh and Metal made the American Library Association‘s 2021 LITA Excellence in Children’s and Young Adult Science Fiction Notable Lists.


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