The 5th Timeline

Genre: Young Adult Science Fantasy
Series: Standalone Novel
Status: Republication October 2021
First Publication: April 2013

“Good morning. We are now in the fifth timeline.”

That’s the message on Ashara’s comm when she wakes up, ten days before the end of the world.

“Based on your performance in the previous timeline, you have been assigned to the Ethereal task force.”

She shouldn’t be here. Ten days ago, she was classified as unskilled. The Council has rewound time four times since then, and nothing is how it was supposed to be.

Now, she’s on a team of human ether manipulators led by Loken, a boy who dumped her months ago. If they don’t stop the Mages from invading their homeland, everything could end. Each Mage holds the power of an element: air, earth, fire, metal, water, or ether. They draw energy from the most readily available resource: humans.

Ashara is not trained to fight them. She’s not trained for anything.

“Please report to the Council building immediately.”

Can Ashara and Loken set their differences aside to fight the Mages and whatever else threatens them? If they fail, the Council can’t keep rewinding time forever. Can it?

Note: This is an older story first published as ECHO under the pen name Alicia Wright Brewster.

Coming Soon to eBook and Paperback


“Proving character-driven science fiction is not an oxymoron, [main character] Ashara Vinn pulls readers into her world on page one and never lets go … This world has depth, mirroring the memorable characters who populate it.”

—Kirkus Reviews, about ECHO, the original title of this book

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