Flesh and Metal Trilogy

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Series: Flesh and Metal, Book 1
Status: Published April 2020

Marissa Meyer’s Cinder meets Netflix’s Black Mirror in a high-tech future where a teen gets the cybernetic arm she never wanted.

Lena hates her parents’ tech company. The world worships each cutting-edge CyberCorp release, but Lena has her doubts. Machines that think for themselves? She doesn’t trust them… So when a car accident lands her with the company’s first cybernetic arm, she’s pissed.

Is control of her own life too much to ask? Yes, apparently, because now the arm’s artificial intelligence makes her sleepwalk. Then children of CyberCorp employees start dying in their beds, and thanks to her unwanted nighttime strolls, Lena has no alibi.

Is she the killer, or does someone else hate her parents’ inventions more than she does?


Standalone Novels

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy
Series: Standalone Novel
Status: Published April 2021

After her parents’ deaths, she turns to illegal blood magic to hunt a killer. But is it worth her freedom—or her life?

Maddy never made peace with her parents’ deaths. Instead of moving on, she summons her mother’s spirit whenever possible. So when she finds the bloody corpse of her stepmother—her final parent—Maddy’s world falls apart.

Devastated, she refuses to believe it was suicide. After all, blood magic users like her stepmother don’t spill their blood without purpose. When her school principal is struck by a supernatural illness after he too suspects there’s more to the story, Maddy vows to use her own illegal blood magic to investigate, no matter what the cost.

The truth is all she has left, but is it worth her freedom—or her life?

Genre: Young Adult Science Fantasy
Series: Standalone Novel
Status: Expected Spring 2022

“Good morning. We are now in the fifth timeline.”

That’s the message on Ashara’s comm when she wakes up, ten days before the end of the world.

“Based on your performance in the previous timeline, you have been assigned to the Ethereal task force.”

She shouldn’t be here. Just yesterday, she was classified as unskilled. The Council has rewound time four times since then, and nothing is how it was supposed to be. Now, she’s on a team of human ether manipulators led by Loken, a boy who dumped her. If they don’t stop the Mages from invading their homeland, everything could end.

Ashara is not trained to fight them. She’s not trained for anything.

“Please report to the Council building immediately.”

Can Ashara and Loken set their differences aside to save the world? If they fail, the Council can’t keep rewinding time forever. Can it?