War of Flesh and Metal

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Series: Flesh and Metal, Book 3
Status: Expected October 2021

With no way out, she’ll face two killers and a pissed-off artificial intelligence…

Lena’s ready to put it all behind her. She helped catch two killers who used CyberCorp to commit murder, and starting right now, she vows never to set foot inside the company’s headquarters again. But when those killers show up at CyberCorp Tower to confess everything they’ve hidden, Lena can’t resist seeing justice done.

As she steels herself to confront the traumas of her recent past, decommissioned androids go berserk inside the headquarters, forcing a lockdown. Lena is trapped inside not only with the killers she brought down—but also with the dangerous technologies she fears.

Can Lena escape, or will she die inside CyberCorp Tower?

Read the thrilling conclusion to the Flesh and Metal YA science fiction trilogy. If you like fast-paced sci-fi with dramatic twists, then you’ll love this cutting-edge page-turner.

Coming Soon: Kindle Preorder | Other eBooks Not Yet Available | Paperback Not Yet Available


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