Clash of Flesh and Metal

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Series: Flesh and Metal, Book 2
Status: Published April 2021

She must obey a stranger’s orders, or the androids will attack. Can she find the madman responsible—before someone she loves dies?

Despite the warnings and the dead bodies, CyberCorp has shipped the Model One androids to its customers. They work perfectly—except around Lena.

Each malfunction puts someone in her life at risk. But there’s never any evidence. There’s only Lena’s word that the androids are dangerous. And why would anyone believe her, with her track record?

Then the threats start: someone Lena loves will die.

She can stop it, but only if she plays along with a madman’s game—only if she stops the androids and whoever is controlling them…

…before they kill again.

With even more mystery and more suspects than the first book, this second installment in the Flesh and Metal trilogy will keep you enthralled until the last word.

Available Now: Kindle | Paperback


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