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flesh and metal

How I Accidentally Wrote a Love Triangle

It’s been two and a half years since my last blog post. Believe it or not, I plan to get back to writing here on a regular basis. You don’t have to believe it yet; I hardly believe it.

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a good time to post about my accidental love triangle. I’ve never talked about this in public before.

If you’ve read Girl of Flesh and Metal, you may have noticed that Lena, the main character, has two guys with romantic interest in her. I never intended to write a love triangle. As I do with most of my stories, I sent an almost-complete version of the book to beta readers to get their thoughts.

In that version, Lena breaks up with Jackson in chapter one, meets Hunter shortly thereafter, and never looks back. My plan for the trilogy was that Jackson would retain his interest in Lena and would become a growing source of conflict.

My beta readers hated Jackson.

I always take issue with movies where the main character and their significant other break up in the beginning, and they were terrible together. I wonder how they stayed together prior to the events of the movie. How were they ever attracted to that person who is an absolute horror and obviously wrong for them? Immediately, my suspension of disbelief is tested.

I didn’t want to write that story.

When I revised the book before publication, I changed virtually every word out of Jackson’s mouth. Lena still breaks up with him, and he’s still a cocky, arrogant jerk. But he’s a cocky arrogant jerk who loves Lena, knows her well, and wants what’s best for her. My goal was to make him a believable ex-love interest.

Unfortunately, I liked the new Jackson. Suddenly, Lena had two viable love interests.

Whenever someone mentions the love triangle in the Flesh and Metal trilogy, I cringe because it was an accident. That being said, throughout the trilogy, the two boys provide thematic contrast, and I love how that worked out.

I’m not telling you how it ends.

Coming Soon: Clash of Flesh and Metal

2020 is hard, y’all.

My original plan was to release Clash of Flesh and Metal, sequel to Girl of Flesh and Metal, in October. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

Because 2020 is hard.

I’m now on track for February, and I’m confident enough in that timeline that… the ebook preorder is up! So consider this a combination cover reveal and preorder announcement.

Trust no one.
Especially not yourself.

Despite the warnings and the dead bodies, CyberCorp has shipped the Model One androids to its customers.

They work perfectly—except around Lena.

Each malfunction puts someone in her life at risk. But there’s never any evidence. There’s only Lena’s word that the androids are dangerous. And why would anyone believe her, with her track record?

Then the threats start: someone Lena loves will die. She can stop it, but only if she plays along with a madman’s game—only if she stops the androids and whoever is controlling them…

…before they kill again.

With even more mystery and more suspects than the first book, this second installment in the Flesh and Metal trilogy will keep you enthralled until the last word.