NASA’s Insight Spacecraft Lands on Mars: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

On November 26, 2018, NASA’s Insight spacecraft landed on Mars, after over six months in transit. This is a photo that Insight transmitted back to us. Yes, that’s right. This is a photo of Mars:

Mars Insight photograph

It’s a fantasy of mine to set foot on Mars. I know it will never happen. Even if I get the opportunity, it will likely be a one-way trip, and I plan to die on this planet. So photos like these are the closest I’ll ever get.

I am in absolute awe.

But of course, my imagination runs wild with potential story ideas. What could possibly go wrong? I have some thoughts on that…

We have now alerted the Martians that we are watching them. So what happens when someone pops a super-high-tech camera into your house? Maybe you take the camera down. But if you’re a malevolent Martian being, maybe you take advantage. You stage events you want them (i.e., puny humans) to see, while all the while you are inspecting the camera to learn more about them.

In summary, the Martians know all about our technology. They are using Insight to lead us to believe Mars is a dead planet while they plan their attack.

Okay, you’ve read mine. So what do you think could go wrong?